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6743 Knoll

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

This house renovation was drawn up for a couple and their child who fortunately survived a rain and wind storm during the summer of 2010. Their house and yard didn’t survive as well as their family. A large tree crashed through the roof and as a result of a perfectly flat mid-century roof, the rain which had pooled on the roof, came pouring into their house. Most of the interior walls, floors and kitchen had to be ripped out immediately. The couple were thinking of putting a new kitchen in and adding a third bedroom before the storm hit. With the insurance money and some of their own, they decided that they should go ahead with their plans while they lived in a hotel room for 6 months. The hotel had a pool too.




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Oman/Harper Residence

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

The Oman/Harper Residence remodel was a design/build effort. I supplied the design drawings to a contractor from which he renovated the house. The original house was a small Cape Cod style residence located in south Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Oman/Harper couple have 2 children and a grandmother who owned the original house. They combined their resources in the Fall of 2009, added another level and renovated the original house for everyone to live in together.



Model Images

Completed Images Coming!

Architectural Fees and “Package Deals”

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Wessel Design
Residential Renovation Design & Build Options

We do accept credit card payments

“A” Package
Based on a construction budget between $5,000 to $12,000

This package might include single room projects such as a kitchen, bathroom, office or porch addition.

“Starter kit” includes a sketch with specified materials, finishes, colors and furniture

3 days


“B” Package
Based on a construction budget between $10,000 to $24,000

This package might include large space projects such as a multi- room addition.

“Interim kit” includes code review, preliminary design, drawings, research, building materials, preliminary construction cost estimate.

1 week


“C” Package
Based on a construction budget between $20,000 to $48,000

This package might include house, studio, garage renovations and/or additions.

“Comprehensive kit” includes all of the above plus preliminary construction drawings, construction cost estimate, architectural rendering or model.

2 weeks


Wessel Design
Full Service Residential

Projects beyond the budgets and scopes mentioned above are generally based on 8% fee of construction costs. Structural fees are in addition to architectural fees.

The architectural design process entails the following four (4) steps for which your approval will be required before proceeding to the subsequent phase:

1. Programmatic/ Schematic Design (15% of design fee): This phase begins with the development of a written program and relationship diagrams. Base on the program, drawings including preliminary floor plans, sections and elevations will be developed that delineate the preliminary design. The fundamental building materials and a structural system upon which a preliminary construction cost and schedule will then be able to be determined. A perspective drawing and/or model(s) will also be developed.

2. Design Development (25% of design fee): This phase encompasses the continued refinement of the design with a clear and coordinated description of all aspects of the project. The approved drawings and specifications will be the basis for the construction documents.

3. Construction Documents (35% of design fee): This phase involves the preparation of the contract documents (drawings and specifications) that will direct the contractors’ performance in implementing the design intent including final material and system selections as well as details and dimensions.

4. Construction Administration (25% of design fee): It is our conviction that the quality and unique detailing require for a Wessel Design project require hands on participation of the designer during the entire construction process. The bidding and negotiation process may lead to approved substitutions or modifications in details to achieve cost savings or to simplify the construction process. Once the construction commences, the need for design-sensitive decision making continues. The construction documents will require continual interpretation.

Please call us to discuss your particular project.

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