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“Design in the Genes”- Emerging Talent 2009/Midwest Home Magazine-February/ March 2009

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

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1148 Oakcrest Avenue

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Roseville, Minnesota
1954 front

1148 Oakcrest Avenue is the address of the home/office of Kerrik Wessel and Heather Sexton. This house was originally designed by architect Max Buetow in 1954. The house was designed for a family of four. The first owners enjoyed living there for almost their entire lives and kept it very original. The house is 1,100 s.f. upstairs and 750 s.f. downstairs. It was designed with many of the same features that Wessel Design incorporates into their own designs such as full height southern windows, open floor plan, low pitch roof, strip windows and modern detailing.front1
Since moving into the house in spring of 2005, exterior work has included a new roof with built in gutters which drain to a water holding tank. The water holding tank is hooked up to a drip hose which helps to water the front garden in the summer. Interior work includes scraping down “cottage cheese” ceilings, adding a new cork floor, stripping wallpaper, repainting all of the walls, refurbishing the interior redwood feature walls, re-designing the entry closet, adding built in cabinets to the living room and adding new bathroom fixtures.1954

Future work on the house will mostly concentrate on the exterior. The exterior siding is redwood that was stained brown. The siding is in great shape and is slated to be sanded this spring. The model photographs show that there will be a new covered entrance as well as a partially covered deck in the backyard.

rear2Landscaping the front and back yard has been an ongoing project. The garden design is inspired by Japanese gardens and Dr. Suess landscapes. It is composed of undulating, curving mounds carpeted in groundcover and shrubs with bursts of colorful, ostentatious flowers.